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      NINGBO SHENHE BEARING CO., LTD, founded in 1995, is located in Ningbo City, which is the south bank of Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge. SHB is a professional manufacturer of miniature and small precision deep groove ball bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, four-point contact ball bearing and non-standard ball bearing.


      After the steady development of 23 years, SHB owns the factory area of 40000 square meters with super grinding production line and assembly automatic production line,as well as other advanced processing and testing equipment of more than 400 units, which constitude a complete measurement, analysis and test system. The production capacity is able to output 60 million sets of miniature and small ball bearings. Our products can be applied to automobile , motorcycle engine, electrical appliances and high-grade electric tool. In addition, automobile bearing production enjoys a special area, specially-assigned person and production line. The product has a stable and reliable quality of long life, high speed, and top load, winning the trust of the customers. Shenhe Bearing covers the domestic market and the market of USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


      The company established and implemented the modern management structure, applying the integral management system, the 6S field management, and Kanban culture, controlling the production of automotive bearing withIATF16949 quality management system, and the non-automotive bearing with ISO9001 quality management system

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